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Fire Alarm Systems

What we can provide?


Whether its conventional fire alarm systems or addressable fire alarm systems, tandem ionization or photoelectric detectors we have what you need. We handle the latest fire alarm systems from industry leaders.


We also provide all types of products from modular control panels to smoke detectors, heat detectors, pull, horn and strobes. We also cover all areas from school to airport.


What we provide?


  • Fire panels & Peripherals
  • Monitoring Software
  • Building management
  • EVAC / Paging interface with fire alarm system
  • Everything to build a complete network fire system


Fire Alarm System Products:


  1. Fire alarm panels:

·         BZ500

·         FPA 5000 (The most used)

Þ    Pay only for what you need at present

Þ    Flexibility in the future

Þ    Operational reliability

Þ    Integration into existing conventional systems

Þ    Ease of use


  1. Detectors (surface and flash mount)

·         Smoke detectors

·         Heat detectors

·         Flame detectors


  1. Alarm bells and sirens
  2. Alarm transmission