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Conference Systems

What we can provide?


We can provide Conference Systems which are an advanced, user-friendly, compact and lightweight modular system tabletop or flash mount which can provides flexible management facilities for all types of conferences, from small, informal gatherings to international, multi-lingual congresses with thousands of delegates. It is simple to use, interactive and highly versatile, providing both the chairman and delegates extensive advanced features that enhance the communication process and ensure the smooth running of a great convention.


Conference system categories


è    Congress systems

è    Discussion systems

è    Digital language distribution systems

è    Electronic voting systems


Main features of the system


è    Easy-installation, cost-effective and reliable

è    Enhanced Digital Control and audio quality

è    Fulfills basic needs of a discussion/conference

è    Simplified cabling - easier to set-up and renders improved reliability

è    Gives full control over all types of discussion

è    Excellent speech intelligibility for all participants’’

è    Built-in digital acoustic feedback suppression facility

è    Available  analog and digital units

è    Available wired and wireless systems